We are committed to ensuring a consistent high standard for the hygiene, quality, nutritional value and presentation of the fine cuisine served in our restaurants. Our policy of serving ‘nutraceutical’ food emphasizes on the nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits of well-balanced meals that are high in fibre and essential minerals complemented by abundant fresh vegetables and herbs.
At IndoChine, you will enjoy a holistic dining experience that cannot be found elsewhere.




IndoChine Platter - A combination of  our all time favourites. L - 790, S - 390

Goi Cuon Vit - Vietnamese fresh rice paper duck rolls 250

Goi Cuon - Vietnamese fresh rice paper prawn rolls 220

Cha Gio - Vietnamese spring rolls 220

Chao Tom - Prawn quenelles on sugarcane250

Cha Gio Chay - Crispy Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls220

Nam Khao Hor - Roasted crispy rice rolls with minced chicken and Chinese parsley220

Soi Seua - Beef Carpaccio (Australian Prime Beef)350

Salmon Carpaccio -  Sliced fresh Salmon served with Asian herbs350


House Vegetable Soup180

Fish Maw in Chicken Essence260


Goi Buoi Saigon - Pomelo and prawn salad of Saigon350

Goi Vit Nha Trang - Duck and mango salad260


IndoChine Grilled Seafood Platter 690

IndoChine Grilled Scallop690

Cambodian Style Chilli and Basil Tiger Prawns490

Samla Kroeung Samot - Seafood in a thick coconut curry490

Cua Rang Muoi - Soft shell crabs 550

Crispy Snapper with Mango Salad 470

Khmer Style Tamarind Trio Seafood590

Meat & Poultry

Thit Bo Luc Lac - Black pepper beef with garlic and butter490

Bo Nau Nuong Dalat - Beef tenderloin roulade of Dalat 450

Cambodian Style Chilli and Basil Chicken 350

Ping Gai Savanhnakhet - Grilled lemongrass chicken of Savanhnakhet270

Vit Quay Gion TON KIN - Fresh duck breast à la TON KIN480

IndoChine Lemongrass Lamp Chops690


Xao Mang Tay Sot Cua - Stir fried asparagus with Crab sauce240

Xao Ba Nam – Mushroom Combo240

Stir Fried Kang Kong180

Rice & Noodles

Khao Hom - Fragrant Jasmine rice40

Khao Neo - Sticky rice40

Khao Klong - Brown Organic steamed rice60

Pho Bo - Vietnamese Beef noodles soup160

Pho Ga - Vietnamese Chicken noodles soup140


Lemongrass Creme Brulee200

Bahn Chuoi - Banana fritter with vanilla ice cream200

Chocolate Fudge Torte220

Lychee Fritter - Lychee stuffed with cashew nuts220

Ice Cream of your choice60 / scoop

IndoChine Platter

Pomelo and prawn salad of Saigon

Khmer Style Tamarind Trio Seafood

Fresh duck breast à la TON KIN

Lamp Chop

IndoChine Lemongrass Lamp Chops

Cream Bulee

Lemongrass Creme Brulee




Poo Jaa - Crab cake in shell250

Lychee Prawns of Chiang Mai - Deep fried lychee stuffed with prawn 250

Goong Sarong - Crispy prawns wrapped in noodles250

Sai Oua Muang Nua - Pork and prawn sausage of the Northern250

Herbs & Spiced Salads

Yum Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken Salad270

Yum Mamuang Poo Nimm - Shredded green mango salad with soft shell crab 470

Larb Kai - Chicken marinated with lime juice and herbs salad270

Larb Pla Salmon - Fresh Salmon marinated with limejuice and herbs 380

Yum Neua Naam Tok - Medium rare beef marinated with limejuice and herbs 290

Plah Goong - Dressed Lemongrass Tiger prawns490

Som Tam Gai Yang - Green papaya salad with grilled chicken 220

Nam Prik (Dipping)

Nam Prik Ong - Spicy minced pork dip with fresh garden green260

Nam Prik Goong Sod - Hot chilli Shrimp paste sauce dip with fresh prawn 260

A Variety of Thai soup & Stir fried

Gaeng Leang Goong - Assorted Herbs and local vegetables Prawn soup 240

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang - Roasted duck curry250

Gaeng Keaw Wan Pla Kraphong - Green Curry with White Snapper260

Gaeng Pha Naeng Neua - Pha Naeng Curry with beef260

Gaeng Massaman Neua - Beef Massaman Curry260

Tom Yum - All time favorite hot and sour soupPrawn/Seafood - 260, Chicken - 220

Tom Kha Kai - Galangal coconut soup with Chicken220

Pla Kao Sonng Ros - Duo flavor crispy grouper 520

Pla Kao Rad Prik - Deep fried grouper with sweet chilli sauce390

Pla Kraphong Nung Manao - White snapper with lemon juice520

Pla Kraphong Nung See-eew - Steamed White snapper with soya sauce and ginger 520

Pla Choo Chee - Stir fried deep fried fish fillet 390

Phad Chah Talay - Stir fried Spicy herbs with seafood 390

Phad Pla Muk Khai khem - Stir fried squid with salted egg yolk 260

Phad Poo Maar Phong Kari - Stir fried Blue swimmer curry 460

Phad Phak Ruammit - Stir fried seasonal vegetable180

Phad Bok Choy Nam Mun Hoi - Stir fried Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce 200

Gaeng Jued Teng Kwa - Clear cucumber soup stuffed with minced pork200

Gaeng Jued Sarai Tau Hu Moo Sab - Clear soup with minced pork, seaweed and tofu.200

Rice & Noodles

Khao Phad Talay - Seafood fried rice 260

Khao Phad TomYum - Tom Yum fried rice Seafood/Beef - 260, Chicken - 240

Phad Thai Hor Khai - Thin rice noodles with prawns wrapped in omelette220

Phad Sen Yai Khi Mao - Spicy fried flat noodles Seafood/Beef - 260, Chicken - 240

Phad See Eew - Fried flat noodlesSeafood/Beef - 260, Chicken - 240


Sticky Rice with Mango 180

Pumpkin Custard with Ice Cream 180

Tropical Fruit Platter 200

Goong Sarong

Green mango salad with soft shell crab

nam prik

Nam Prik Goong Sod

Roasted duck curry

White snapper with lemon juice

Pumpkin Custard with Ice Cream




Crab and lobster wanton ravioli 280

Crab quenelles with orange cardamom jam 220

Crispy black sesame spring roll with prawns 260

Lemongrass Tiger prawn with bacon 260

Golden salt and pepper squid220


Pistachio Crumbed Lamb Cutlets 690

Slow Roasted Crispy Pork Belly 450

White Snapper fillet with Angel Hair Pasta480

Chicken Breast in Parma Ham480

Cajun Salmon Cutlet460

Char-grilled Australian Ribeye590

Sirloin Steak with King Prawns690

Fish of the Day320


Frozen Raspberry Parfait served with sweet ripe mango180

Chocolate Cheesecake finished with strawberry coulis180




* Prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable government tax

saseme prawn

Crispy black sesame spring roll with prawns

Pistachio Crumbed Lamb Cutlets

Frozen Raspberry Parfait



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