IndoChine Phuket was built and is presented with the same characteristics that have seen IndoChine bring the best in gourmet, entertainment, lifestyle and luxury interwoven with its strong heritage and cultural identity.

One of IndoChine’s unique stands since day one is our responsibility towards environmentally sustainability and making sure our business practices have no adverse effect on the environment. Some examples are, to this day, our refusal to include dishes using or derived from endangered and near-endangered species. This is clearly seen from the exclusion of dishes such as shark fin soup, blue and yellow fin tuna, and caviar from sturgeon.

This environmental responsibility is further exemplified with the architecture and design details down to the individual villas and rooms that form IndoChine Phuket. Some laudable examples include the use of Composite Timber for all outdoor decks. This wood is made from a composition of pure recycled polymer resin and rice husk; making it a completely wood-free solution; and even wastages can be put through the grind and re-moulded. This clever replacement means less trees being cut down, and reduction of air pollution with the rice husks re-used rather than being burnt traditionally.

The conservation of energy, a fast-exhausting and carbon- contributing resource, is also a focus at IndoChine Phuket. The use of technologies such as inverter technology for the air conditioning fan coils (a recognised method of reducing energy consumption) with a heat-exchange system which uses the heat produced to provide hot water for the resort (eg. hot shower), and LED lights which consume less energy and last longer are some of the commercially- available options that the resort has taken.

Even with these in mind, IndoChine goes steps further by installing environmental curtains in all the rooms. A unique idea from our founder, Michael Ma, these curtains serve multiple purposes. Installed between the lounge area and the bedroom, they break up the available space to serve different purposes and offer privacy to guests, also allowing them to take a siesta and nap without being distracted by the sunlight; but more importantly, help keep in the air conditioning and keep the room cool by reducing the space required to be cooled, serving as a convenient divide between the outdoor decks and the room interior. With this clever contraption, IndoChine has successfully saved on many wasted hours of air-conditioning, a common practice n many other properties with “keeping rooms cool” as the motivation, not realising the wastage takes a long, but sure toll on the environment.


Literally just a stone’s throw from the sea, the 24 Oceanfront rooms are IndoChine Resort’s latest addition to the variety of accommodation options. A generous indoor space,

Ultra modern contemporary one bedroom suites each feature a private outdoor Jacuzzi and a mini kitchen.The Gaya Studio comprises total space of 90 square meters internal one bedroom...

Strategically perched on the hillside of Patong, these suites provide an unobscured view of Patong Bay. Be amazed by the spaciousness of the place – with four metre high ceilings and window-walls,

Two to six bedroom luxurious villas, with a living space between 240 to 580 square meters, all unique in terms of design and décor provide the ultimate IndoChine Resort experience.